VN vs Inshot

VN vs InShot: [Full Comparison] Which is best in 2024

VN and InShot are both the best professional photo & video editor software. The main reason creators don’t choose which is best for editing is that they are both expensive. I can understand your problem. Please, No worries.

VN vs Inshot

VN Mod Apk offers all premium features free and unlocked without paying. Meanwhile, Inshot provides all pro features with limited functionality and charges $9 monthly.

VN vs. InShot Full Comparison with Key Highlight Features


Chroma Key

Chroma is one of the most awesome features of the VN App. This tool can easily delete the background from photos or videos and tweak a green screen. This enhances the quality of your content and makes it look professional.


VN offers the Multi-Layer option, which allows us to add more stickers, photos, music, effects, records, and more. These features provide a good impression and user-free experience.

No Watermark

The VN App’s good quality is that while exporting a video or photo, do not add a watermark to your video. If you are using the modified version of this software.



InShot has powerful full-animation features. Using Inshot software, you can create animation videos for your YouTube channel and grow your audience. You can make your stuff cooler by adding text, stickers, voice recordings, captions, and lots more fun stuff

Fonts and Text

InShot provides a large number of fonts and text, which you can add to your videos or photos to improve their quality. You can use fonts in different colors, such as green, red, blue, gray, and yellow. They increase the beauty of videos & photos.


Inshot has free filters that you can add to your video to enhance its beauty. But they are limited compared to VN Mod Apk. VN has the best and most professional filters, like Urban & Luts, that are free and unlimited. These impress users and make a good user experience.

VN vs InShot Plan and Pricing


VN VN Mod Apk offers all pro features free and unlocked without watermark and ads. Its app has no monthly or annual charges and provides everything free of charge.


While Inshot has monthly and annual charges, it only offers some of them free. If you want to edit a video with Inshot, you can go, but give a charge on a monthly or annual basis. All of the features are not for, but a few have paid.

Pros and Cons of VN vs InShot

Pros (VN)

  • User-friendly interface
  • Premium features are free & unlocked
  • Have a multiple timeline
  • Exporting in high-quality without watermark
  • No ad experience
  • Highly recommended


  • Need strong internet
  • Sometimes, features do not work
  • While exporting video much too late

Pros (InShot)

  • Friendly work in one flow
  • While editing video, don’t let ads interrupted
  • All of the features are great work
  • Recommended for video editing


  • Don’t export video without a watermark
  • Ads on the app interface
  • Ads on the app interface
  • All pro features are paid

How to download VN Video Editor?

  • First, go to my main page, VN MOD APK click on this.
  • After that, when you open the page, tap on the download button.
  • Then, wait to download, click on the file, and open it.
  • Now you would allow security from your mobile.
  • Congrats! You have to download the VN MOD APK on your Android device, use it freely, and edit videos for your project.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Question

I have been using since for two years. VN is best for video editing, has a large interface, and is friendly.

Both have one of the most attractive features VN offers free, but Inshot has paid.

No worries about this is safe, never damage to your device.

Both performances are awesome. During video editing, no kind of problem arises.

Final Words

I have talked about VN vs InShot, which is better for you. While editing video, most people need help choosing the software which is best for editing video. I solved this problem. You can easily edit videos with them and feel free. It’s a common problem for everyone how to choose which is best, but they are a victim of misunderstanding. Therefore, I have composed an article for those people who need clarification. Always happy to have you with us for the presentation.

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